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  • Benjamin Asmussen

    An hypothesis to explain this might be that the first fans or “likers” are the most dedicated and interested in whatever the institution or company has to offer. Later “likers” are not as engaged in your brand as the first ones…

    • Hmm — why should first ‘likers’ be more dedicated? I would rather say the opposite: first ‘likers’ probably signed up because anything new is attractive, whereas later ‘likers’ sign up because they really like it.

    • Charlotte

      Just a thought: interested in our “brand” or interested in our “topic”? I think, that there is an important distinction. It is not necessarily the same…..

      • Oh yes! There’s a huge difference between ‘topic’ and ‘brand’. Problem is, I think, that too many museums and other cultural institutions think more in terms of ‘branding’ than in creating a discussion around their ‘topic.

  • What’s the formula?

    • (Number of likes + (Number of shares x 2) + (Number of comments x 4)) / Number of fans x 10000