Submit your abstracts by December 17th for the annual meeting of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSAEu) in Copenhagen in June 2018, with the theme of GREEN (and the un-green…):

‘Green’ is one of the most pervasive tropes of our time, and has been applied to domains ranging from environmentalism or politics to fashion and art. Yet there is little consensus on the meaning of green, and ‘greenwashing’ can hide all manner of sins. The conference aims to bring together people from the arts, sciences, literature, medicine, humanities, and many more to explore, challenge, and re-colour our understanding of green. We also welcome proposals from the un-green, and for an open ‘prismatic’ stream.

The conference is resolutely interdisciplinary, with transdisciplinary discussions as well as classic conference streams, keynotes, and social events and readings at Medical Museion, the Danish National Gallery (SMK) and KUA.

For further information and online submission: Click here

For those not familiar with the SLSAeu organization

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