At skrive (konference-)abstracts er en avanceret kunstart. Her er nogle gode råd (taget fra

Writing an abstract involves summarizing a whole manuscript and providing as much new information as possible. The best way to write an effective abstract is to start with a draft of the complete manuscript and follow these 10 steps:
• Identify the major objectives and conclusions.
• Identify phrases with keywords in the methods section.
• Identify the major results from the discussion or results section.
• Assemble the above information into a single paragraph.
• State your hypothesis or method used in the first sentence.
• Omit background information, literature review, and detailed description of methods.
• Remove extra words and phrases.
• Revise the paragraph so that the abstract conveys only the essential information.
• Check to see if it meets the guidelines of the targeted journal [conference] • Give the abstract to a colleague (preferably one who is not familiar with your work) and ask him/her whether it makes sense.

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