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Call for papers:
Embodiment and the State

Middelfart, Denmark, October 27-28, 2006

Keynote speakers:
Margaret Lock, McGill University – Allan Young, McGill University – Nikolas Rose, London School of Economics – Berardino Palumbo, University of Messina – Sarah Nettleton, University of York – András Zempleni, Centre National de Recherche Scientifique*

Introduction and aims of the conference:
Studies on embodiment processes have gained importance in contemporary anthropology, philosophy, psychology and sociology, stimulating renewals in theoretical as well as methodological perspectives: power is no more considered an abstract and external force, but is observed in its micro-physical fragmentation and influence on the body. This leads to the need for more emphasis on practical and political aspects of embodiment in order to study power relations in their concrete manifestations, as in the practical life of institutions: first of all, the state.
This conference calls for a confrontation between studies of health and studies of politics. Medical anthropology and related disciplines have recently provided accounts of the bodily life of the state, while on the other hand political anthropologies have overcome the classic eurocentrism. This conference is concerned with discussions of the concepts of agency, intimacy, power, embodiment, suffering, pain, violence, and heritage politics. The aim is to contribute to a common ground of dialogue between ethnographies of embodiment and of politics and the state in order to investigate the bodily life of state power.
Within the outlined framework we would like to call for papers: 1) at the crossroad between medicine and politics, focused on the relationship between the state and embodiment processes; (2) investigating the intimacy of state power on diverse bodily experiences as of nationality, citizenship, bureaucracy, violence and biopolitics; (3) reconsidering ethnography as an embodied practice; (4) investigating practices, discourses and politics of bodies in transformation processes.

The conference will be organised as a mixture of keynote lectures and themed workshops with papers of a maximum of 20 minutes. On the evening of 27th of October a session of non-written presentations (for example photos, video, performance, etc) is planned. For further information, please see attached programme and the homepage of the conference.

The conference is open for workshop papers (send abstract of max 250 words as attachment, please state what theme abstract apply to) and non-written presentations for the evening session. Upon acceptance, papers will be organised in themed workshops. Early registration is recommended as number of participants is limited to app. 60 persons.

Please submit abstract as attachment (max 250 words) by email to

Deadline for submission of abstracts: May 12th, 2006
Notification of acceptance: June 9th Registration deadline: August 7th

Participation fee: 1.600 DKK (210 Euro). Includes accommodation in single rooms (27th of October) and meals throughout the conference. Reduced rates for Ph.D. students (see homepage)

Contact: Ass. Professor Lotte Huniche, Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark, email:

The conference is organised in collaboration between Research Unit Health, Man and Society, Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark; Dipartimento Uomo & Territorio, University of Perugia (Italy); Department for Social Studies in Medicine, McGill University (Canada).

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