Pillcam chic

Whether one has undergone a gastrointestinal examination or not, most of us would agree that there’s nothing particularly cool about having your stomach examined by means of long tubes. Rather, we tend to find such exams unpleasant, distressing and embarrassing, not to mention what we think of the close-ups of our exposed bowels. However, thanks to capsule endoscopy, gastroenterology may be on the verge of becoming hip. At least that’s the message behind this advertising video for the next generation of pill cameras. Catchy disco, smart graphics and laid-back instructions, makes it hard to believe that the pill camera actually is modelled on the missile technology that was used in the Persian Gulf War. Okay, it’s plain to see that images of flying missiles and ruined cities won’t promote medical technology. But it’s just as evident that all the fleshy parts – malignant outgrowths, inner bleedings, inflammations etc. – have been deliberately left out. In this slick version, capsule endoscopy is presented as a lifestyle product, something to go along with your new espresso machine, flat screen or other wearable computing.

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