Eventually, here are some pictures taken during the workshop.

Some of the workshop participants watching our new exhibition, Oldetopia, in the making:

Sharon MacDonald (left) and Calum Storrie (right):

Jan Eric Olsén (left) and Martha Fleming (right) (co-organisers of the meeting):

Wolfgang Knapp and Richard Wingate (right) discussing something; Cornelius Borck (left) making a point:


Steve Wilson (left) and Miriam van Rijsingen (right):

Arthur Olson in session (left and right):

Our own Camilla Mordhorst and Adam Bencard texting messages in a break:

(From left to right): Natasha Myers, Herwig Turk and Paulo Pereira:

Mariam van Rijsingen and our own Susanne Bauer (left), and Ingeborg Reichle and Cornelius Borck (right):




David Edwards and Claire Pentecost in discussion:

Mette Kia Krabbe Meyer (left) and Paolo Palladino (right):

Ben Fry showing one of his genomic data visualisations while our own Rikke Vindberg watches the dance of the nucleic acids:

That’s all in the folder (did anyone else take some pics?)

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