The organisers of the European Conference of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA) at the Center for Literary and Cultural Research Berlin (ZfL) have announced the conference streams – some might be of interest for a potential Biomedicine on Display Session. Deadline for abstracts and session proposals is Oct 15th. 

Streams include: 1. Inspiration and Intuition (Dir.: Sabine Flach, Ohad Parnes, Martin Treml), 2. Acceleration, Synchronisation, Deceleration (Dir.: Erik Porath), 3. Fade to Grey. Other Sides of Cognition (Dir.: Sabine Flach, Elisabeth Strowick), 4. Extraordinary Concepts of Perception (Dir.: Katrin Solhdju, Margarete Vöhringer, Yvonne Wübben), 5. Languages of Science – Sciences of Language (Dir.: Robert Stockhammer, Stefan Willer), 6. History of Concepts between Disciplines and Cultures (Dir.: Ernst Müller, Falko Schmieder), 7. Bodies of Evidence (Dir.: Bergit Arends), 8. Vitality – Contours and Boundaries between Life and Death (Dir.: Christine Blättler, Ulrike Vedder), 9. Politics of Knowledge (Dir.: Uwe Wirth), 10. Desire for/after Affect (Dir.: Marie-Luise Angerer), 11. Art as Research (Dir.: Florian Dombois)

See and scroll down to “Figurations of knowledge” to read the full call for papers.

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