It seems like our unique position as the only Danish museum with a blog is coming to an end. The Organisation of Danish Museums has annonced a new blog which encourages museums to blog and digitize their research, communication and collections (they also use our blog as a succesful example, though).

This makes me think whether the change in science communication on the web (from presenting results = the classical website, to debating and process-oriented discussions = web 2.0) will one day come to the museum exhibition as well?

And what would a museum exhibition then look like? In our new temporary exhibition, Oldetopia, we have tried to let different phenomena and statements meet each other, so that it is up to visitors to draw their conclusions. But besides having a guest book, we do not try to integrate the visitors feedback directly into the exhibition.

The question is: How can we more seriously change the exhibitions, from a one-way-communication situation to a more dynamic arena? How would an exhibition as a blog look like? Suggestions and illustrating examples are wellcome.

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