The Swiss STS Meeting 2008 , dedicated to ”Science Futures” (for the CFP s. earlier post), offers a 4-day conference  with a number of panels of interest to the cultural studies of biomed/biotech. Session themes include: biological utopias and dystopias, arts and artefacts, brain research and the emotional turn, technoscience and material transformation, simulations and numerical experiments, converging technologies, science fiction and alternative epistemologies… Biomed/biotech topics of plenary talks range from Susan Squier’s “BioPerformativity: Shaping the Future of Chicken and the Chicken of the Future” — to Paul Rabinow’s “Synthetic Biology: From Manifestos to Ramifications”. Plus: a ScienceFutures short-film program, curated by Suzanne Buchan. For the full conference program s. here.


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