On 21 February 2009, the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Yale Center for British Art in New Haven, CT, are organising a one-day graduate symposium that will explore ways in which art overlaps with science, and with a focus on material objects. Possible topics are:

  • networks of artists and scientists
  • artist/scientist collaborations
  • art and the natural world
  • the philosophical concept of the sublime
  • theology, art, and science
  • the influence of scientific discoveries on the arts
  • artistic and scientific approaches to epistemology
  • dialogues between art and science in the Enlightenment
  • art, science, and education
  • science museum displays
  • scientific illustration
  • travel accounts
  • art and exploration
  • amateur practice
  • photography as science or art
  • artistic and scientific concepts of truth

The organisers invite proposals for 25-minute papers across the arts and sciences. Abstracts of max. 300 words by October 14, 2008 to . Travel funds for speakers are available upon application. Read more here.

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