What happens if one lets an entire congress of specialists in the field of neuroaesthetics loose in our temporary exhibition Split and Splice. Fragments from the age of biomedicine? I have no idea – but I intend to find out.

In September the University of Copenhagen is host to The Copenhagen Neuroaesthetics Conference and the program is intriguing. Admittedly I’m a regular tabula rasa when it comes to the subject of neuroaesthetics but the questions asked by this branch of science are extremely interesting. If I have understood just the basics of neuroaesthetics correct they seem to believe that how we perceive art and beauty is something that is in the basics of human understanding. Interesting. I would very much like to hear how they would judge our exhibition and how they would view it from a neuroaesthetic point of view. Therefore I have written to the organisers and asked them if they might be interested in viewing our show and if the conference participants might like to visit the Medical Museion while they are in Copenhagen. I’m eagerly awaiting their reply.   

While we’re wating I thought that I might show a picture from Split and Splice: a PET scanner ring. Also used (I believe) in the field of neuroaesthetics.

Dissektionsbordet, set gennem PET-scannerens detektorring

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