… I just found a blogpost titled: Coffee, Sex, and Other Weird Ways to Not Get Sick. It lists seven weird ways for helping your immune system:

1. Kiss (and while you’re at it, have Sex)!
2. Listen to music.
3. Walk Really Fast, But Don’t Run!
4. Don’t Blow Your Nose.
5. Get Hot!
6. Avoid the Desert (or any hot and dry climate).
7. Drink Coffee!

Even if this list of great advices may seem a bit, well … unconventional, it reminded me of the many everyday health practices people perform that never become displayed in medical museums. These practices are (for good reasons) not institutionalized, but are nevertheless integral parts of the lives of thousands of people in the Western world.

From a museum point of view, it is not exactly easy to collect such aspects of public health culture. Has anyone done that (yet)?

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