During the European Association of Museums for the History of Medical Sciences‘s conference (on the theme of contemporary medicine and technology as a challenge to museums) held here at Medical Museion in mid-September, I was very busy video-recording all the presentations and the following discussions.

The result was 15 hours of raw footage.  Instead of despairing, I called in my friend Amalie Smith Sørensen, and after two weeks of night and day work, we are now ready to present 17 video collages á 5 minutes from the sessions on Medical Museion’s Youtube channel.

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Each 5 minute clip will cover a thematic session at the conference. It will not bring everything that was said during the session, however; the clip is only an appetizer, giving you some of the highlights of the talks and discussion tidbits.

The sessions will be uploaded one at the time during the next couple of weeks. They will be accompanied by short introductions to the session and links to the original abstracts.

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