In the last session of the conference in September, Thomas Schnalke from Berliner Medizinhistorisches Museum made an allegory on the situation of the medical museums today, suggesting that these kinds of museums might be conceived as patients suffering from a molecular medicine and virtual reality virus.

He went on to put forward that art and artists, if they are willing and allowed to be specific, can be the cure that enables the medical museums to handle the challenge of representing contemporary and future biomedicine. Read Thomas’ full abstract here.


The discussion afterwards focused on whether the space constructed by artists, museum curators and the museum building together can or should be conceived as a narrative, as telling a story or whether there is a danger of the narrative taking over and taking us away from the actual objects on display.

Comments were heard from Roger Cooter, Thomas Söderqvist, Karen Ingham and Lucy Lyons.

See a list of the abstracts here. Read more about the EAMHMS video clip project here.

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