These are some of the reasons to love museums found on twitter yesterday:

  • Museums help you ask new questions. You get a little knowledge and crave more.
  • Because they make me feel excited, like a child. They open up the world and expose the tiny little bubble we all live in.
  • Museums are for EVERYONE. They are somewhere to shed our skin and set free the inquisitive child in each of us.
  • They promote creativity, freedom of choice, questioning, reason, understanding and identity!
  • Because they’re a conversation between what has happened, what could happen, and what will happen.
  • Who says I love museums? Sometimes they get me so frustrated I guess only love would be reason for staying.
  • Museums attract passionate, clever and interesting folks with many a story to tell.
  • Because I love looking at beautiful / interesting / entertaining things that exist in the real world not just cyberspace.
  • Museums help people learn how to learn, are not just about teaching facts but experiencing life, feelings and emotions.
  • Sometimes you go so often, you get to know things so well they become part of your life.
  • A killer combo of wonderment and escapism.
  • I love museums because they represent a door to the past and a gateway to the future.
  • They’re time machines anyone can use- just walk in and they start.
  • Because real objects connect us to the past in ways that narrative alone (including mine) can never match.
  • I love ’em for serving as windows to worlds I won’t otherwise get to explore.
  • Because you can learn without being preached at.

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