I would like to announce the programme for the forthcoming workshop on 29th and 30th September.

I have been overwhelmed by the amount of interest this workshop has generated as it grew from an idea to have a small informal seminar where the object is understood sensuously and placed as central to research, to become a two day international workshop. It is now more like a full time collaborative project working with all the presenters and their ideas, and an opportunity for objects in the collections at Medical Museion to be used in new ways.

Presenters come from research fields as diverse as design and technology, history of medicine, architecture, anthropology and choreography, and geographically span Denmark, Italy, Austria, England, Scotland, Sweden, United States, Egypt and United Arab Emirates.

The event is full and a reserve list for participants still wishing to come is growing longer. With the diversity of presenters and presentation formats, I think it will prove to be an interesting two days.


THE SENSUOUS OBJECT WORKSHOP: how we experience material objects through our senses


09:00 Coffee and registration

09:30 Welcome – Lucy Lyons

09:40 Mats Fridlund – Security in a Box: Recovering Material and Discursive Phenomenologies of Forgotten Hopes and Fears

10:15 Secil Ugur – Tactile and visual perception on wearable technology

10:35 Discussion

11.05 – 11.35 COFFEE

11:35 Jan-Eric Olsén – Outlines of touch in the history of blindness collection

12:05 Discussion

12.25 – 1.25 LUNCH

1:25 James Edmonson – Making sense of sound: the early stethoscope and the physical examination

1:45 Linda Thomson – Can object handling make you healthy?

2:05 Discussion

2.25 – 2.55 COFFEE

2:55 Laura Gonzalez – The material sensuousness of a hysteric’s performance

3:25 Discussion

3:50 Bernd Kraeftner – Who cares?

4:10 Jennifer Nomura van der Grinten – From Face to Clitoris

4:30 Discussion


During the reception “Video Lab”, a short film by Astrid Møller-Olsen will be shown


09:00 Ansa LønstrupMediate Auscultation: listening to the “voices” of the human and other bodies through the stethoscope and through percussion.

09:30 Discussion

09:55 Eduardo Abrantes – A voice as a sound object?

10:15 Brian Dougan – A sensuous reciprocity

10:35 Discussion

10:55 – 11:20 COFFEE

11:20 Per Roar – performance – This is my body 2     (In Reception room)

11:50 Discussion

12:05 Carsten FribergBody and Space

12:35 Discussion

12:55 – 1:40 LUNCH

1:40 Marlene Little –Tacit encounter: Materiality and the sensuous object

2:00 Louise Whiteley – Scan, scanner, scanned                 (In X-ray room)

2:20 Discussion

2.40 – 3.00 COFFEE

3:00 Anette StenslundAbra-Cadaver: Aseptic (un)covering of life and death

3:30 Discussion

3:55 Anne Krefting – Smell and Narration: Objects as a performative structure

4:15 Jenny Carlson – Sensuous slurry

4:35 Discussion


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