When meeting with science today, we are most often confronted with words and results. We are presented only with the highlights: We only ever meet science in her gala dress. In these videos I focus on the everyday life of science: Not the words and the results, but the experiences and the processes.

These 5 very short films focus on colours as a way of engaging sensuously and aesthetically with the world of the laboratory. The eye is not guided by a search for meaning or results, but by the powerful aesthetic imperative of colour. This allows us to experience the invisibles of the laboratory; the useful but unprestigious instruments like pipettes, micro well plates, gloves and garbage.

To the sound of a warm brass rhythms Lab Colour No 4: Red presents dark red single use pipettes, bright red whiteboard markers, red and orange poison labels and pink-red racks for Eppendorf tubes. The music (by Kevin MacLeod) is meant to both support the evocative potential of the colours, and challenge our normal perception of the laboratory as a silent and sterile white room. The Lab Colours are Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and White:



In my project The Video Lab I’ve also come across some challenges: How can I integrate abstract relations like knowledge, habit and emotions into the visual representation? And how to get more senses involved than just the eyes and ears? Please leave a comment if you have any ‘sensable’ suggestions!

The videos were filmed at Laboratory of Medical Research Methodology at Copenhagen University.

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