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Over the past few years our online activities have been divided into a number of different presences, including a website and two different blogs. Due to technical reasons the website has not been properly updated for quite a while and this has been somewhat an impediment for us. But now we have a brand new site that contains everything! Practical information for visitors to the museum, details on the research carried out, our exhibitions, events, blog posts – everything that you might expect from us – is now located in one site. This is our new web universe. Right here at www.museion.ku.dk.


Until now our content has been artificially divided by language. Our previous blog (Museionblog) was written mostly in Danish and contained posts from all staff about their daily work. Our other blog (Biomedicine on Display) was written exclusively in English and focused mainly on research. Now we’re combining both languages and all types of posts in one site. A lot of content will be made available in both English and Danish, and the language can be switched by clicking the flag to the right of the upper menu. On the other hand, new blog posts won’t necessarily follow the old structure, and you will thus find posts on exhibition building in English and posts on aesthetics and materiality in Danish. On the Danish front page all posts will be presented regardless of language, however, on the English version only posts in English will be shown.

Old blogs

All posts from the former blogs have been imported to the new site. The posts are marked with thumbnail pictures corresponding to their original source. For people who have been following our blogs via RSS feeds, we of course still offer this possibility. You can choose to follow all entries regardless of language, or posts in just English or Danish.

Feedback wanted!

We would love to hear from you whether you love or hate the new site! This is the first edition and we will of course keep working on new developments. To begin with you might experience the occasional bugs, but we will try to sort them out as soon as possible. In the mean time we hope you will like the new site as much as we do!

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