In December I visited Jens Juul Holst‘s laboratory at the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Biomedical Sciences, where Sofie Pilgaard Olesen and her colleagues work with gut hormones and their role in treating diabetes.

I brought my camera to film them in their daily work, and have spend the last couple of weeks cutting my material into 3 short videos. This project is a continuation of my video based investigation into the aesthetics of the biomedical laboratory.

These videos are inspired by the skilled hands of laboratory technician, so trained in their work that their movements form a biomedical ballet over the test tubes. I was deeply fascinated by the rhythm of the repetitive motion -they were so tight, to use a musical expression, not a beat out of turn.

The incorporated everyday routines of the lab workers form complex and, at least to the outsider, abstract and beautiful trajectories through the lab space. The first video shows Sofie preparing her test tubes and adding to them an mezmerising green liquid:

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