It’s been more than a year and a half since we launched our new website. In other words, it’s hardly new anymore. However, it still does feel new because we keep working on it and updating it all the time. The frontpage contents are a reflection of what goes on in our museum and what the staff are working on at the moment. But, we still feel that it might be time for a – shall we call it – minor facelift?

Some considerations so far:

  • Making the navigation bar float at the top of the screen
  • Making the logo banner smaller / less dominant
  • Making the feature banner less wide, so that the sidebar can be moved up
  • Disable the WPML String Translation plugin (seems to be slowing down the site considerably)
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I would also like to know what ideas and suggestions you might have as to how to improve our site – make it haster, more beautiful, more interesting, etc. Nothing is sacred and everything is possible (almost). Just drop a comment below or an e-mail to me at dnoes (at)

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