Are you reading this via our RSS feed? Then according to our feed statistics there’s a 70% chance you’re using Google Reader. And if you hadn’t noticed the warning when logging in, here’s a friendly reminder:

Google Reader closing

That’s right. After 1 July 2013 there will be no more Google Reader. So for the ~300 of you still using it to access our feed, it’s time to look for an alternative. There are numerous great sources online on what reader might be the best, so I won’t spend time on describing everyone of them. But I will give one recommendation which is my personal favorite and the one I’ve now been using for around a month instead of Google Reader: Feedly.

Very briefly, switching to Feedly only takes seconds. It’ll automatically import your feeds from Google Reader, so you don’t need to worry about exporting and importing. The good people at Feedly have even been kind enough to implement most of the keyboard shortcuts you might be used from Google Reader. So switching is painless. Feedly also has apps available for iOS and Android devices.

So go for it. 1 July is only a couple of days away! If you know of better alternatives, I’d love to hear about them!

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