’The Data Body on the Dissection Table’ took place at Medical Museion on June 4th. The video recordings of the event talks are now online! See links below.

The collection of body data is a growing field. How do we grab hold of this data? How do we make sense of it and communicate it to others? See and hear Professor Albert-László Barabási, Professor and Artist François-Joseph Lapointe, Associate Professor Annamaria Carusi, and Artist and Research Director Jamie Allen talk about how contemporary artists and designers give our ‘data body’ material form through images, sound, and touch. What kind of tools are complex networks science proposing, and what kind of body do they reveal?

Data Body SS 03

‘The Data Body on the Dissection Table’ was co-organised by Medical Museion and Leonardo/OLATS

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The video talks:

Metagenomic Art: A Family Portrait by Professor and Artist François-Joseph Lapointe

Getting Hold of the Digital Patient by Associate Professor Annamaria Carusi

Networkology, Thinking in Network Terms by Professor Albert-László Barabási

Our Data Doppelgängers. What creative practice with and from data reflects and reveals by Artist and Research Director Jamie Allen


Click here for video overview

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