Next week is #MuseumWeek on Twitter. We’ll be joining hundreds of museums around Europe and the rest of the world in taking over Twitter using a new museum-related hashtag everyday. Here’s what to expect from us at MM:

  • We’ll kick off the week on Monday by dropping in on pretty much every staff member of the museum and see what they’re up to. All gory details will be shared on #DayInTheLife. This is your chance to get acquainted with our staff.
  • On Tuesday you get to be a #MuseumMastermind. We’ll have quizzes and puzzles for you to wrap you mind around. And who knows, there might be prizes!
  • Join us Wednesday for a trip down memory lane and share your favorite #MuseumMemories. If you have photos or videos from a visit to the museum (or any museum) get sharing!
  • On Thursday we’ll go #BehindTheArt and explore the history of the incredible buildings of the Medical Museion.
  • Friday is #AskTheCurator day. Have questions for us? Fire away and we’ll hunt down an expert and get you an answer.
  • The museum is closed Saturday, but if you have any #MuseumSelfies in your smartphones, now’s the time to share them (again).
  • Finally on Sunday we want you to #GetCreative! We’ll post a picture and it’s up to you to caption it! Or you post one and someone else can caption it! It’s all good, just #GetCreative!

So start following #museumweek today already and discover what other museums have planned. You can see which museums are participating in the UK, France, Spain and Italy here. I’ve also created a list of museums participating from other countries here.

Enjoy and get tweeting!


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