On April 5th, I will take part in an exciting one-day seminar at Sorø Kunstmuseum. The occasion for the seminar is the third exhibition in a three-part series on materiality curated by Birgitte Kirkhoff Eriksen. The series is intellectually spurred by new materialism in philosophy, such as speculative realism and object-oriented ontology, and features artworks that respond to these thoughts from artists such as Troels Sandegård and Lea Porsager. If you read Danish, there is a review of the exhibition here and an in-depth review of the series here. Here is a description of the exhibition and its accompanying catalogue in English.

You can also see the full program for the seminar here.

The program features a lovely mess of researchers, artists, musicians and performers engaging with the topic of consciousness and the relationship between materiality and immaterial. I wrote a piece for the (beautiful) catalogue on gut bacteria and consciousness, and at the seminar I will expand that topic with some ruminations about epigenetics and the rise of a new understanding of the body as embedded in a sort of unheimlich holism.

Below is the poster from the exhibition opening which feature the same artwork as the catalogue:


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