A while ago we had a few cases of this strange behavior from Instagram: A user makes a post on Instagram in which they mention @medicalmuseion – and shares said post to Twitter. In the corresponding tweet the handle (@medicalmuseion) was replaced by the handle of a seemingly random museum staff member. I was never able to fully understand what was going on and how it was resolved. But today it happened again, so I decided to document it:


Post on Instagram: http://instagram.com/p/sR2EEch-dz
Corresponding tweet: http://twitter.com/dnnyboy/status/505300797069209600

Notice how @medicalmuseion on Instagram becomes @mrmuseion on Twitter? 😉

Well, as many of you have pointed out this is in fact a feature. When you add a Twitter account to your sharing settings of Instagram, Instagram will make this link “global”. This means that whenever someone mentions you on Instagram and reshares on Twitter, your Instagram handle is replaced by the Twitter handle of the connected account. What happened in our case was that someone logged into the @medicalmuseion Instagram account and inadvertently linked this to their personal account.

How do you solve it? Simply unlink Twitter from the affected Instagram account – and recreate the correct link (in this case @medicalmuseion <-> @medicalmuseion): Options -> Share Settings -> Twitter -> Unlink

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