10669347_384139881740996_2502090405480108048_oOn Wednesday I went to the first Copenhagen science communication meetup! It was an informal gathering of science communication researchers, practitioners, and others with an interest in science communication. The event was arranged by Sarah Davies, a research fellow at the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at UCPH, and took place at The Bird and the Churchkey, a local bar that specializes in gin 🙂

There was no agenda for the meeting, so after a brief introduction by Sarah people had drinks and chatted. Among others I had the pleasure of meeting a British-Australian paleo-climatologist who is looking to get into science communication. She recently came to Denmark and writes about climate science on her blog, Tak Fur The Kaffe.

I had a good time at the meeting and look forward to more in the future. Not that I don’t enjoy chatting and drinking gin, but I hope to see a more formal agenda with themes and invited speakers as well. If you’re interested in joining, write an email to .


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