In a few weeks, I will participate in a one day conference with the title “Interdisciplinary projects within ageing research – management and communication”, organised by the Network for Young Scholars at the Center for Healthy Aging in Copenhagen.

I am pretty excited about the conference because the field of ageing research in my view has to have an interdisciplinary approach – or at least an awareness of ageing as an interdisciplinary topic. Otherwise it risks reducing the complex phenomenon of ageing to too simplistic models or knowledge claims. And at the same time, I like that the conference’s approach is to not take interdisciplinarity as something that is ‘just’ there already or might happen all by itself, but as something that needs careful management and attentiveness to communication issues and other challenges.

But I am of course biased in this, since I am both part of the organising group and will be facilitating one of the afternoon workshops and walk-and-talk. I am preparing for them now, and hope they work out as I expect!

Here is the conference description and programme – hope to see you there! Register here.

Interdisciplinary projects within ageing research – management and communication

The Center for Healthy Aging’s Network for Young Scholars invites all students and researchers who study ageing-related issues to participate in a conference about how to better manage and communicate within interdisciplinary research projects as well as how to communicate science to the general public. 

Understanding the complex phenomenon of ageing requires researchers to transcend the scope of a single discipline. The success of interdisciplinary research projects, however, can be hindered by various challenges related to combining different methods, communicating across disciplines, researcher resistance, etc.

The conference will focus on ways to improve the management of and communication within interdisciplinary research projects related to the study of ageing and ways to communicate research effectively to the general public. It will consist of lectures by researchers and other professionals from a variety of scientific disciplines as well as case-based workshops.

The conference is intended for students and researchers at any career level who have an interest in interdisciplinary ageing research.

09.15   Welcome and coffee
09.30  “What is interdisciplinarity?”, Astrid Jespersen, Copenhagen Centre for Health Research in the Humanities (CoRe)
10.20  “Interdisciplinary research in practice”, Rikke Lund, Department of Public Health
11.15  “Leading research projects and portfolios in the pharmaceutical industry”, Søren Bregenholt, Novo Nordisk
12.00   Lunch
13.00   Workshop on an interdisciplinary case, Morten H. Bülow, Medical Museion
14:30   Coffee break
15:00   Walk & talk about the challenges of interdisciplinarity
16:00   Discussion in plenum
16:30   Workshop on communicating science to the general public, Anja Philip, Tænk
18:00   Dinner and networking

Before 12 October 2015

Network for Young Scholars


By the way, if you are a PhD student who is interested in interdisciplinarity, you should also have a look at this PhD course about science communication and interdisciplinarity

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