On the 19th of November, the next event in the Trust me, I’m an Artist series will take place in Prague.

The project Trust me, I’m an Artist is investigating and exploring “the new ethical issues arising from art and science collaboration and consider the roles and responsibilities of the artists, scientists and institutions involved.” The next event will take place in Prague on the 19th of November and will explore issues relating to artificial intelligence and manipulations of organic life. The event will feature the art installation Molding the Signifier by the artist Ivor Diosi and a panel discussion about the ethical issues raised by the artwork.

Medical Museion is participating in the Trust me, I’m an Artist project and is collaborating with the artist Gina Czarnecki and the scientists Rod Dillon and John Hunt. We have recently held a seminar with Gina Czarnecki at Medical Museion. The project at Museion is going to engage with the exhibition The Body Collected. As Louise Whitely wrote on our blog recently:

“Medical Museion is delighted to be working with artist Gina Czarnecki and collaborator and scientist Rod Dillon  to develop a proposal for an artwork that engages with The Body Collected – who gets to access the kinds of material on display in the exhibition? Who judges the ethics of using these materials, and the value of the outcomes? By inviting Gina and Rod to work with the exhibition we also augment the question of how artist and scientist can work together by adding a third party – the museum curator – and will reflect on how this shapes the questions at stake.”

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