Last week (25-31 July) we at the museum took over the instagram account @52Museums. The account was started on 4. January 2016 by Mar Dixon with the idea to let a new museum take charge of the account each week throughout the year. As the concept got popular and more than 52 museums signed up, some of the weeks were divided between two or more museums. We were lucky enough to get to share the week with two other medical history museums,  Surgeons’ Hall Museums in Edinburgh, Scotland and The Infirmary Museum in Worcester, England.

In collaboration with the other museums we came up with a theme for each day to keep it somewhat coherent for the followers as the many pictures each day (9-10 is recommended for that specific account) can be overwhelming. The themes were: Architecture, past medicine, disease, favourite objects, hospitals, characters and curiosities.

We had a lot of fun preparing and posting the photos and we think the audience enjoyed it as well as the account (@52Museums) got 400-500 new followers (to add to its 10k already established followers) during the week. @medicalmuseion got 70 new followers during the week with people still joining these days so some of the attention definitely rubbed off on our smaller account as well.

Below you can see all the photos we shared throughout the week.

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