The facades of Medical Museum will be renovated from the end of July 2019, and approximately half a year ahead. This means that within a few days our magnificent buildings – the original Royal Academy of Surgeons and the next door Titkens Gaard – will be hidden behind a large scaffold.

Both buildings are listed, so the work is done in close cooperation with The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces. As much as possible, the original stonework, masonry and windows will be preserved, so that only that which cannot be saved is replaced. Stonemasons, bricklayers and carpenters thus have their work cut out for them, and we in the museum need to prepare for any associated problems that arises.

Despite the restoration project, the museum will remain open as usual. We apologize in advance for any nuisances that might result but also promise to do everything we can to ensure that it does not affect a visit to the museum. And then we look forward to showing the new facade in early 2020 after the “surgical” intervention.

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