Medical Museion has won the 2021 Dibner Award for Excellence in Museum Exhibits for the online exhibition: Life Support. The price is awarded 20. November 2021.

LIFE Support during a pandemic
What sustains life in a pandemic? This is the question that guided the creation of an online exhibition at Medical Museion during the first COVID-19 shutdown of Denmark in Spring 2020. The exhibition was a way for Medical Museion and its staff – from conservators and communications officers to guides and researchers – to respond to the crisis – using museum objects and multiple media to explore the physical, mental, social, cultural, and historical aspects of this early time of COVID-19.

About the exhibition
Through its fragmented and poetic style the exhibition invites visitors to contemplate on the temporalities and complexities of the policies, practicalities, and emotions the pandemic has introduced. The exhibition is divided into five themes; Knowing, Breathing, Cleaning, Isolating and Dying; each making use of diverse digital materials and incorporating material artifacts from the museum’s collections.

“In line with the idea of offering support in difficult times, the exhibition also invites its visitors behind the scenes of its own curating process, showing the museum staff in their zoom tiles as they discuss different ideas and shape the exhibition. Incorporating historical objects and information next to contemporary content adds to the experience. The site is presented by a Danish museum but accessibility to an international audience is advanced through its English-language translations. The referees and the Committee were impressed, educated, and moved by this exhibit.

– Citation, Dibner Award 2021

“We’re thrilled with this wonderful endorsement of an innovative project. Created during lockdown, our inspiring on-line exhibition is also testament to a remarkable team effort in unprecedented circumstances.”

– Ken Arnold, Director at Medical Museion

About the Dibner award
The winners of the Dibner Award 2021 will be announced 20th November.
The The Dibner Award for Excellence in Museum Exhibits was established in 1985, through the generosity of Bern Dibner, to recognize excellence in museums and museum exhibits that interpret the history of technology, industry, and engineering to the general public. Winning exhibits, in addition to being well designed and produced, should raise pertinent historical issues. Artifacts and images should be used in a manner that interests, teaches, and stimulates both the general public and historians.

About Medical Museion
Medical Museion researches, collects, communicate and exhibits medical history and culture. The museum is a part of the Department of Public Health and Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research (CBMR), in the Faculty for Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. Medical Museion produces prizewinning exhibitions, and regularly hosts events that bring new research in medicine and health into focus. 


Press officer: Julie Wouwenaar Tovgaard
/ +45 9350 9125

Head of programs, exhibitions, and communication: Bente Vinge Pedersen
/ +45 3532 3821

Director: Ken Arnold
/ +45 35330692

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