Proposals for papers are welcomed for a panel stream on ASTS for the DASTS conference to be held. June 2-3 in Aarhus. The deadline is April 1st. 

Paper proposals can be submitted to  and more information about the conference is available here. DASTS 2022 takes place in Aarhus June 2nd and 3rd under the theme:

“Living with Ruptures: Repair, Maintenance, and (Re)Construction”

The world seems to be filled with ruptures. Ongoing migration issues, pandemics, mistrust in institutions, climate change catastrophes, among other chronic and unresolved crises. It is compelling to interrogate the status and demands of STS-oriented research in the moment during, after, with, and despite ruptures: How do we live with them? Should we (re)construct or maintain the “normal”? What do we leave behind and what do we repair?

Art, Science, and Technology Studies (ASTS)
This open panel stream proposes exploring themes in the Routledge Handbook of Art, Science, and Technology Studies and welcoming scholars, artists, curators, and others to contribute to the conversation. Using the methods from STS, scholars have begun to explore the potential of art-science. This panel will look at curation as a form of knowing, histories of art and science, and examples of scholarly facilitation and intervention in art-science. What does it mean to bring art and science together and what is produced? What can STS scholars learn from observing art and science in relationship to one another? STS researchers and practitioners who have worked with art to discuss the relationship between art and science and the relationship between this type of work and STS itself are sought as panelists. We welcome submissions that delve into the ways that the categories of art and science are constructed and how the boundaries and borders between these two areas are maintained and breached through histories, institutions, and disciplinary norms and breaches. Panel subjects might include the formation of scientific and artistic communities inside of and outside of universities and disciplinary funding streams, collaborative work in art and science for policy influence, artists and analysts reflecting on their work together, and STS scholars considering what their fields can learn from the arts.

Key words: Art, Science, and Technology Studies, the social construction of knowledge categories, bioart, biology and art, curation as knowledge-making

Panel Organizers:
Hannah Star Rogers, Postdoctoral Fellow, Medical Museion
Adam Bencard, Associate Professor, Medical Museion
Louise Whitely, Associate Professor, Medical Museion
Kristin Diana Hussey, Postdoctoral Fellow, Medical Museion

Danish Association for Science and Technology Studies
DASTS is a professional association for STS researchers in Denmark. The aim of DASTS is to stimulate quality, breadth and cooperation within Danish STS research and to showcase Danish STS in national and international contexts.

DASTS 2022 provides a platform to gather and share ongoing and emergent STS-related research, particularly in Denmark and the Nordic space. Here, we want to discuss how the current landscape of STS methods and theories inform and impact maintenance practices and reactions to ruptures

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