About our event series:   Body | Medicine | Object

Come to a consultation at Medical Museion, and get closer than ever before to objects from the unique historical collections, ranging from amputation saws to human specimens. Encounter mysterious objects from cutting edge medical research laboratories, and explore the devices that are changing the way we live with disease and disability. Meet scientists, artists, and philosophers all trying to make sense of the body and how we manage, treat, and change it. Immerse yourself in the stuff of medicine at our evolving event series.

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With this experimental event series, we are trying to:

• Open up the glass cases of the museum and laboratory, and let the objects out…

• Bring the weird past, the opaque present, and ambivalent future of medicine together.

• Explore medical science as part of our culture, sensation, and everyday speech.

• Unwrap medical science in the making – finding not finished facts but evolving knowledge.

• Matchmake curators, researchers, publics, scientists, artists, doctors, and patients.

Photos from Sensuous Object Workshop, 2011.