Astrid Mo – Film maker

My work at Medical Museion
I create short films for Medical Museion.

In the beginning I wanted to provide an insight in to life behind the scenes at the museum. I focused on the magical materiality of the objects, and their function as containers wherein both older and contemporary history can live.

My next project took the video camera out of the museum and into the laboratory. Here the camera is a tool that can do more than just disseminate accumulated knowledge about medical history. It investigates the ongoing biomedical development, as it evolves day by day. Again the hub of the investigation is looking at the materiality and the tools that at one and the same time makes possible and limits the research.

My background
I’m a BA in comparative literature with elective module in Chinese. I’ve previously worked for the Museum of Copenhagen, where I created short films about the area Nørrebro.

I’m interested in language, telling and showing, and different kinds of nontraditional ‘straight wayward’ mediation.

Other Information
I share my office with three highly intelligent primates and a red toy parrot.

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Contact details
Phone: +45 28753807

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