Bente Vinge Pedersen – Senior Curator

I work with exhibitions and everything that surrounds them when it comes to communication, events and outreach. I am also involved in our virtual presence and contribute to develope our website.

My main task is to make Medical Museion’s exhibition house – the former Royal Academy for Surgeons in Bredgade – more accessible to the public. At the same time, our exhibitions needs to be updated to reflect our vision of making science communication on research in biomedicine within a museological frame. Therefore, I work with new exhibitions – in the autumn of 2011, I am producing an exhibition on Gastro Bypass, which also in a broader perspective is an exhibition about surgery.

Contact me regarding:
Exhibition Production and Design
Audience Activities

I have a MA in History and Danish language and literature from Roskilde University, 2002. In addition, I studied digital communication, a part of an MA in Museology at the Aarhus University, 2010. I came to the Medical Museion in September 2006. Before coming here I worked at Museum of Copenhagen, and also with the festival Golden Days and Historiens Hus in Ringsted.

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Contact details
Fredericiagade 18
DK-1310 Copenhagen K
Phone: +45 3532 3821
Mobile: +45 2875 3821

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