Emma Peterson – PhD student

My work at Medical Museion

I’m a PhD-student at Medical Museion and my PhD-project revolves around tactile aesthetics, museum objects and the sense of touch. The pleasures of touch are in the foreground for my project and my point of departure is in what way museum visitors would like to handle museum objects, especially when it comes to sensual and sensuous qualities in objects. What qualities or features in museum objects makes us want to touch them and why?

My background

My background is in museology and in ethnology from University of Lund, Sweden. In museology I specialized in museum learning and wrote my masters thesis about Generic Learning Outcomes (GLO), which were developed to help museums, libraries and archives to measure, evaluate and provide evidence of their effects in relation to their audiences. In my masters thesis in ethnology I focused on a group of informants and their personal belongings and homes and especially objects that, in one way or another, were perceived as disturbing by their owners.


The Concerned Museum: GLO – a language for change? (Det angelägna museet: GLO – ett språk för förändring?), 2011. The thesis was given an award for best thesis in Cultural Sciences by DIK (Akademikerfacket för Kultur och Kommunikation) in Sweden 2011.

The Significance of Body, Gender and Objects in museum learning (Betydelsen av kropp, kön och föremål i museipedagogik), 2008.

Sensitive Things – A Study of Emotions, Body and Belongings (Känsliga saker – en studie om känslor, kropp och ägodelar), 2005.

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