Louisa Schønnemann – Administrator

I hold a law degree from the University of Copenhagen and have future education within leadership and communication. My work experience mainly stems from the Central Government, where I have held similar positions at the University and the Ministry of Culture.

My job at the Medical Museion consists primarily of support to the museum and research management in their efforts to create meaningful administrative processes. This implies having an overview of the economy, legally qualifying contracts, dealing with personnel matters, procurement issues, etc.

In addition to this I strive to help create good working relations to the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Department of Public Health, the museum’s own staff and to a number of external stakeholders in order to ensure that the daily operation of the Medical Museion, the hiring of international and national researchers and the support of the general staff is carried out efficiently and for the benefit of all.

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Contact details
Phone: +45 35 32 38 02
Mobile: +45 26 18 60 89


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