Nanna Gerdes – Conservator

My job at the Medical Museion

My job as conservator at the Medical Museion is focused on objects related to the metabolic area originating from museum’s original collections as well as recent acquisitions. The job also involves preventive and active conservation among this:-

  • mounting
  • preparation
  • documentation
  • packaging
  • assembling

of medically related historical and recent bio-medical objects to be processed by the curator before being placed in depots, recorded and exhibited.

I have been responsible for collecting, conserving and assembling objects, records and images for the exhibitions

My job also comprehends development and maintenance of preservation methods based on

  • documentation- and registration techniques
  • condition- and risk evaluation
  • monitoring and combating infestation
  • evaluation of climatic conditions and measurements
  • care of the exhibitions

The objective is to secure and maintain metabolic objects and records from MM’s medical historic and bio-medical collections.


I have been working for the Medical Museion since August 2009, and from February 1, 2011, I have been employed as conservator in Science Communication, the Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for basic Metabolic Research.

Before this I worked for 1½ years in various project groups for the Danish National Museum’s Conservation Department for Archaeological Organic Findings.

I have been educated as a cultural historical conservator, Cand. Scient. Cons. from the School of Conservation, the Department of Object Conservation, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, and am specialized in archaeological amber. Besides that I also have a bachelor degree in Near Oriental Classical Culture / Archaeology and Classical Archaeology from the University of Copenhagen.

My present tasks

For the time being I am livetweeting and working at preserving and mounting objects for the upcoming exhibition: Medicoteknik, which depicts selected danish medical engineering arts and inventions in the period 1973 – 2013. The exhibition will open in the newly renovated exhibitionrooms at the Medical Museion 27th November 2013.


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Contact information

13.11.20-16.05.21 Science attempts to contain the chaos of epidemics by capturing bacteria and diseased bodies in microscope slides, vaccines and quarantines. The exhibition displays objects from the history of epidemics, captured by Nicolai Howalt’s camera. Read more about the exhibition here.
The science of circadian rhythms reveals how our body clocks are central to health. This exhibition explored the strange and surreal world of chronobiology through a collaborative artwork developed by Medical Museion researchers and artist Isabella Martin. Read more and explore the web exhibition here.
In October 2012 Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen, opened the exhibition “Obesity – what’s the problem?” The title poses a rhetorical question, and the exhibition doesn’t attempt to provide a final answer. Click here to read more about the exhibition and look through the catalogue. Click here to read more about the exhibition and look through the catalogue.