Nina Bjerglund Andersen – Research assistant

My work at Medical Museion
Social web media, public health sciences and research communication are key words for my work. As research assistant at Medical Museion I am looking at how platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and blogs play a role in today’s and the future Public Health research communication. Both between researchers and between researchers and the general public. As part of the project I blog about my progress, reflections and findings on Public Health Science Communication 2.0.

My background
My educational background include a bachelor and masters degree in Public Health Sciences from the Faculty of Health at University of Copenhagen. In addition, I hold a journalist degree from the Danish School of Media and Journalism.

Prior to joining the Medical Museion I have held positions with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Danish National Board of Health.

As technical officer at the WHO Centre for Health Development in Kobe, Japan I worked on Urban Health Governance focused around intersectoral action on health and Healthy Urban Planning. At  the Danish National Board of Health my responsibilities were primarily focused around the strengthening of Danish cancer treatment through the development of cancer specific patient pathways and on communicating national statistics on cancer in Denmark. As technical officer at WHO’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland I was part of the secretariat for the newly establish global health partnership, Health Metrics Network (HMN). My responsibilities included providing technical assistance on improving national health information systems, organizing regional and national training workshops, review and approve applications for funding and contribute to the development of health information systems recommendations and guidelines.

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