My background is in philosophy with an MA in Phenomenology and philosophy of mind from University of Copenhagen.

I have been a collaborator in several art and science projects, working across academic disciplines, practices and functions.

PHD PROJECT: Between living subject and object of investigation - the body and the abject in medical science

The project aims to map structures in the encounter with the body in medical sciences. Particularly it aims to do this by focusing on the abject, taken from the French-Bulgarian philosopher Julia Kristeva.

The project is thematically divided into three parts.
(1) Mapping of approaches to the body in medical sciences through qualitative data collection, particularly focussing on approaches "out of place" or abject.
(2) Theoretical investigation of the body as en epistemic thing in medical science, and the relation between body-as-abject and body-as-scientific-object.
(3) Deliberations on the role of medical humanities and a suggestion on reversing the medical humanities to open up a common field between medicine and humanities.
The three parts of the project function separately but each part draws on insights gained in or ideas developed in the others.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions or more information about the project.

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