My work at Medical Museion
I am currently working on a project about interdisciplinarity and science communication. The project is part of a larger UPCH-2016 project that aims to improve interdisciplinarity at University education level. The sub-project I am involved in, based at the Medical Museion and headed by Louise Whiteley, is looking at science communication 1) as an area of research and practice that illuminates the challenges inherent in interdisciplinarity, and 2) as a tool that can be used to better facilitate interdisciplinarity. The study will investigate the relation between interdisciplinarity and science communication through developing and teaching both a master’s course (at the institute of Public Health), and a PhD course (open for all in spring and autumn 2015).

Background and research interests

I have a Master’s in History and Philosophy/Science studies from Roskilde University, where I specialised in the history of medicine/philosophy of science and queer-feminist science studies. My research interests are broad and span the topics of interdisciplinarity, science communication, feminist science studies, critical disability studies, critical gerontology, history and philosophy of science and medicine, biopolitics, gender studies, and queer-theory.

I recently handed in my PhD dissertation, which was supervised by professor Thomas Söderqvist and funded by the Center for Healthy Aging. It has the title: “Unsettling successful ageing. A history and queering of the concept of successful ageing in ageing research.” The dissertation aims to, on the one hand, map out the central themes and issues emerging in the recent historical discussions and practices related to the concept of ‘successful ageing’ within ageing research, and, on the other hand, to critically engage with the norms and understandings of ‘ageing’ and what might be called ‘good ageing’ that this conceptual frame relates to. I will defend the dissertation on May 21st 2014. Read more about it here, and see an older version of the project description here.

Other information

My master’s thesis, which was an integrated thesis between History and Philosophy/Science studies and done in collaboration withMarie-Louise Holm, is available online (in Danish): ‘What men are made of – the construction of concepts of masculinity in research projects about testosterone in Denmark from the 1910s to the 1980s‘.

You can listen to a podcast of one of me and Marie-Louise’s presentations based on our master’s thesis here.

For a full CV and list of publications, go here

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