Biohacking: Do It Yourself!

Visit the web exhibition here.

Exhibition open at Medical  Museion from January 25th 2013 to summer 2014,
Wednesday-Friday and Sunday, 12-4 pm.

Biotechnology is usually locked away in universities and industrial laboratories, but biohackers and DIY biologists want to set it free… Through public labs where people can do science, and by producing cheap ‘hacks’ that replace expensive equipment, biohackers aim to make the tools of biotech available to everyone. Biohacking – like computer hacking in the ‘70s or home DIY – also implies playfulness, innovation, and creativity. Doing things differently, using the resources to hand. Dreaming big, but requiring little.

Medical Museion is hosting an open biology lab and a series of hands-on public events from January 25th 2013 to summer 2014.

Come explore the lab, cobbled together from discarded furniture, IKEA cupboards and unique ‘hacked’ instruments made by DIY biologists from BiologiGaragen (Martin Malthe Borch) and Hackteria (Rüdiger Trojok). Read about open labs, watch the shadows of scientists play across the walls, and take home some inspiration for your own kitchen experiments – whether this is teasing the DNA out of an onion, or making your own rye bread. 

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