The Project Team

Medical Museion is hosting an open biology laboratory and a series of public events from January-June 2013. The events are part of the European network, Studiolab, that provides a platform for creative projects that bridge divides between science, art and design. A key principle of Studiolab is to experiment with merging the artist’s studio and research laboratory. This potentially enriches both practices, whilst also engaging public audiences in scientific creativity in innovative ways. In our project, we view the idea of studio + laboratory through the dual prism of museum + open biology. Both the museum and the open biology space occupy the territory between the studio and laboratory thus promising an even closer engagement and both place public accessibility center stage. READ MORE

The people currently working on our project are:

PageLines- people.jpgDirectors:

Karin Tybjerg, associate professor at Medical Museion and co-director of the project.

Louise Whiteley, assistant professor at Medical Museion and co-director of the project

  • Martin Malthe Borch, MSc Biological engineering, designer, co-founder of the local biohackerspace BiologiGaragen.
  • Bente Steen Christensen, graphic designer.
  • Nanna Heintz, project coordinator at UNIK Center for Synthetic Biology.
  • Sara Krugman, health educator and interaction designer, currently completing her masters at The Copenhagen School of Interaction Design. Co-founder of Line, working to make products and services that bring our health data into our hands.
  • Emil D. Lambreth Polny, project coordinator at UNIK Center for Synthetic Biology.
  • Ane Pilgaard Sørensen, designer and exhibition assistant at Medical Museion.
  • Thomas Söderqvist, professor and director at Medical Museion and initiator/responsible for the project.
  • Rüdiger Trojok, open-science scholar and molecular biologist, currently finishing his Masters at the Technical University of Denmark.
  • Niels Christian Vilstrup-Møller, inspector at Medical Museion.

The organisations involved are:

Synthetic biology KU