Culture Night at Medical Museion

Visible or invisible?
Experience the (in)visible human body – in sickness and in health. At this year’s Culture Night go behind the scenes of the human body at Medical Museion. Take a peek beneath the surface, listen to talks about the body’s invisible friends and enemies, and discover what sick and healthy bodies actually look like.

kl. 18-20
Children’s activity: Blindly
On Culture Night children can experience the world without vision. Try reading with the Braille system, crack the secret code, and guess what is hidden inside the sensory box. The activity is for children from 7 years and older. (Mostly in Danish)

kl. 18-22.30
Poetic workshop: Writing from the Gut
Workshop with poet and writer James Wilkes. (In English)

kl. 18.30-18.45 & kl. 20.30-20.45
Talk: Parasites – the body’s invisible enemies
They live inside our bodies, sponge on the system, and hides for the immune system. Parasites are clever and have through years and years evolved the most fascinating ways to survive inside the body. Ph.D Eline Palm Meldgaard has in her research looked into how the parasites manipulates their hosts hiding and avoiding eviction. (In Danish)

kl. 19-19.15 & kl. 21-21.15
Talk: The inside of the body
Join an exploration into the body, looking at both our inner imaginations of the body and on images of the body’s insides. Experience historical and modern visualizations – from anatomical drawings, revolutionary X-ray and modern day surgical robots transmitting live imagery of the inside of the body to the surgeon and patient. (In Danish)

kl. 19.30-19.4 & kl. 21.30-21.45
Talk: The fat genes
Obesity isn’t just about how much food you eat versus how much energy you burn. The causes are very complex, and new research is beginning to reveal what role our genes play. Hear about the science of uncovering the hidden factors behind obesity. (In English)

kl. 20-20.15 & kl. 22-22.15
Poetry reading: Written from the gut
Listen to a new work by poet and short story writer James Wilkes, inspired by the microbes that help to make us who we are. (In English)

kl. 23-23.30
Concert: Human x bacteria
Experience a science-concert about bacteria, ecosystems and the meaning of the human experience. Anders Hjernø’s performance will be both entertaining and informative exploring the relationship between the human body and it’s invisible but very important friends. 

Kl. 21-21.30 & 22-22.30 
The conservators show the eye collection
Experience eye catching objects when the conservators show the museum’s eye collection. The collection holds old glass eyes, fancy glasses, and the eye doctors instruments. We promise, it will make you open your eyes! (In Danish)