DIY-Biology Workshop

Thursday, 14th March 2013, 7.30 – 10pm.

Hands-on Workshop

Biology on a budget – Try your hand at biohacking

Come to this evening workshop in Medical Museion’s biohacker lab, and get hands-on with biotech experiments and hardware hacks, from webcam microscopes to yoghurt cultures and vodka-based DNA extraction.  Get up close to DIY biology, and chat with biohackers about the ethics, politics, and goals of open science.

‘Hacking’ can be described as customizing the world with simple means. It’s often thought of in terms of computing and electronics, but the idea of hacking is now being applied to plants, cells and DNA. The new field of synthetic biology has been key to making this possible, seeing genes as programmable code, or as building blocks that can be combined to make cells with new functions. The biohacking movement aims to make these tools available outside of traditional university and industry labs.

The workshop will be led by Rüdiger Trojok of Hackteria and Martin Malthe Borch of Copenhagen’s Biologigaragen.

Snacks and drinks will be provided during the event.

See the Biohacking: Do It Yourself! Video trailer here.

Ticket price: 50 DKK. Tickets sold through Billetto. – STILL A FEW TICKETS AVAILABLE
Any remaining tickets will be sold on the door on 14th March.


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