CPH PIX: Epidemic


When? Thursday April 12th 2012, 7.00pm (in Danish) 

Guests? Asst. Prof. Adam Bencard

Tickets? 100 kr, on sale at CPH PIX.Sign up for our mailing list here. 


CPH PIX film festival and Medical Museion present Lars von Trier’s “Epidemic”

From the CPH PIX website:
“In keeping with tradition, CPH PIX is screening a specially selected film in unique surroundings. The location is once again the protagonist when the Medical Museion opens its doors for an evening dedicated to all things epidemic, and what better way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Lars von Trier’s second feature, ‘Epidemic’? In true meta-fashion, the film tells two parallel stories. One is about the budding film talent Lars von Trier and the screenwriter Niels Vørsel, who together and in an unconventional way churn out the brilliant screenplay about a Europe that has been hit by an epidemic. The other story portrays the film that Trier and Vørsel write about the idealistic Doctor Mesmer (played tenderly but ironically by Trier himself), who travels around to help disease-ridden Europeans. But while the screenplay is being written, the story starts to make itself felt to the authors, and suddenly fiction and reality become one.

Apart from (re)experiencing the highly entertaining act of genius that is ‘Epidemic’, the audience is given an illustrated introduction to the history of Danish epidemics by the Museion’s Adam Bencard – in the same auditorium where generations of medical students have enjoyed anatomy lessons and dissected corpses.”

Adam Bencard, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
Adam Bencard is assistant professor at Medical Museion and The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research, University of Copenhagen. His research focuses on the history and philosophy of the body. He also works with science communication and has curated the exhibition “Balance and Metabolism.”


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