When darkness falls on Culture Night, Medical Museion will open its doors for a sensational evening. Experience a new exhibition about the COVID-19 pandemic or visit The Living Room, a project that explores living decay. The museum’s researchers will give talks throughout the evening, while the conservators show objects from the collection, bringing you close to medical history. Families can get involved between 6PM and 8PM where they can explore skulls, bones, and medical instruments.

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Family activity

Kl. 18-20
In the Reception Room

At Medical Museion we literally have skeletons in our closets and, on Culture Night, children and their families can explore these objects together with us. Discover bones, skulls, and medical instruments. What is it? What was it used for? And did that really come from a human being?

Guided Tour: Sneak Peek of The Living Room

18:30-18:45 and 20.30-20.45
In The Living Room

What happens when a museum lets the objects, which whey are supposed to conserve and care for, decay? On Culture Night we invite the audience into The Living Room, an experiment that explores the life cycle of museum objects in the field between sound art, conservation, and philosophy.
Talk in Danish

Talk: The World is in You

19-19.15 and 22-22.15
In the Auditorium

The world has a great impact on the human body. Earth’s journey around the sun teaches your cells about circadian rhythms and trillions of microorganisms help your body to digest food. The exhibition The World is in You draws on biomedical research to explore how the world and body are intertwined. See the exhibition at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.
Talk in Danish

Talk: How will Corona become history?

19.30-19.45 and 21-21.15
In the Auditorium

The exhibition Corona will also be history one day reflects on the current COVID-19 pandemic through historic epidemics. Curators Anne Bernth-Jensen and Bente Vinge will talk about objects that define the corona period – objects that now belong to the museum have become a part of pandemic history. 
Talk in Danish

Talk: Body in Space – Space in Body

20-20.15 and 21.30-21.45
In the Auditorium

The human body is made of stardust dating back to the birth of the solar system, 4.6 billion years ago. Maybe this is why man has always wanted to go “back” to space? However, space travel is no easy feat. Hear curator Jacob Lillemose talk about the many difficult challenges we face leaving Earth.
Talk in Danish.

Sharing Public Health Research

In the Saxtorph Room

Learn how we involve people in novel public health research. Catharina Sandholdt and Sofie Bergien show how photo, audio, stories and drawing techniques are used to investigate how the Corona crisis was understood in ethnically diverse communities, and how older people live with multiple sclerosis.
In Danish

Old “News” from the Collection

21-21.30 and 22-22.30
In the Reception Room

The conservators have been digging through the storage – stop by on Culture Night and see their “new” findings. Explore the gynaecology collection and learn more about the history of birth control. Get close to the textile collection and see how patients have been dressed in the last 100 years.

Performance: (us((we(((are))them)

In the Auditorium

Experience a sonic ritual by the mutant group Dødstrompeterne. The performance will explore how all human beings are connected through the life of fungi, sound vibrations, and larger networks of life. The performance is part of the experimental project The Living Room.


15 Oct 2021


18:00 - 00:00

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