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Talk: Visualizing the Rhythm – Body Time between art and science

The exhibition The World is in You welcomes artist Susan Morris, scientist Zach Gerhart-Hines and curator Kristin Hussey about body time and our rhythmic lives in science and art.

We live our lives in a rhythm. We wake and sleep, move and rest, eat and fast. The ups and downs of our days can be masked by the regular ticking of the clock. So how can we capture the rhythmic nature of life? In different ways, both artists and scientists have been interested in recording and communicating the rhythms of the body. Scientists gather data in the lab which must be transformed in to compelling visual arguments for science journals, while artists experiment with methods for recording and visualizing the routines of everyday life in a highly artificial world.

In this conversation inspired by The World is in You, artist Susan Morris and scientist Zach Gerhart-Hines will discuss how they attempt to capture and share rhythmicity – and what this means for how we understand ourselves in the world.

This event will be in English.


Susan Morris is an artist who also writes. Her work engages with periodicity and the involuntary mark, through a diaristic form of writing or by diagrammatic works generated from data recorded by devices worn on the body. Morris has won various arts council awards including, in 2010, a Wellcome Trust grant to produce a series of tapestries from data recording her sleep/wake patterns, for the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. She is a member of the Düsseldorf-based artist’s group Darktaxa, and is represented by Bartha Contemporary, London.

Zach Gerhart Hines is an Associate Professor at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research (CBMR) at the University of Copenhagen. He is one of the frontrunners in current circadian rhythm research, also known as chronobiology. In his research, Gerhart-Hines looks in particular at the significance of circadian rhythm disorders for adipose tissue and metabolism. He is a scientific advisor for The World is in You/ Verden er i Dig exhibition.

Practical information:

When: December 7th 2021 at 5-6 PM

Where: Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s cinema at the mezzanine.

Free after paid entrance

The event is in English


07 Dec 2021




Kunsthal Charlottenborg