01 Sep 2020


21:00 - 23:00


100 kr


(In Danish) Plague, cholera and tuberculosis – the major epidemics of the past that have killed large sections of the population over time. Today infectious and deadly diseases are rare in Denmark. But for people in other parts of the world these diseases are still a threat. Tuberculosis is the most deadly infectious disease in the world – every year it kills 1.5 million people. Why do so many people die of diseases that in some parts of the world are almost forgotten?

This evening we remember the “forgotten” diseases. Museum Inspector Malthe Bjerregaard will talk about the history of deadly diseases and the attempt to limit and combat them. Thereafter director Jesper Brix from ‘Médecins sans frontiers’ will share experiences from his time in Siberia, where he dealt with Tuberculosis-sufferers in Russian prisons.

After the evening consultation it is recommended to take a glass – doctors orders – and a stroll around the museum’s exhibitions. Both are included in the price.

(In Danish)

Arranged in cooperation with ‘Médecins sans frontiers’.

Photo: Médecins sans frontiers