Walk’n’talk with curator + guest – The World is in You

Our cells detect shifts from day to night, created by the movement of the planet. Things we touch affect the trillions of microbes that live in and on us, which determine how we feel. We exist, for better or worse, within networks of connections – from the microscopic to the planetary.

Join in when the curators of the exhibition The World is in You and guests do a Walk’n’talk from 16-17 every Thursday in October.

There is a limited number of spots available per Walk’n’talk. Registration at the front desk – first come, first served:

2nd December kl 16-17: About electronic art and curating with curator Malthe K. Bjerregaard and artist Mogens Jacobsen (in Danish)
9th December kl 16-17: Walk’n’talk with curator Jacob Lillemose (in Danish)
16th December kl 16-17: About life in the body, from microbial research to art with curator Adam Bencard and Associate Professor Mani Arumugam (in English)
6th January kl. 16-17: Art in the laboratory with curator Kristin Hussey and artist Isabella Martin (in English)
13th January kl 16-17: Walk’n’talk with curator Jacob Lillemose (in Danish)


02 Dec 2021




Kunsthal Charlottenborg